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Why We Do It

When we were young; playing single player games with friends, passing the gamepad, playing level or life, was all part of the course of 8 bit gaming. I reminisce regularly about sneaking downstairs late at night to play through Secret of Mana with my cousin on the SNES. Drawing crosses on my monitor to mark where hidden caches would be when you brought up the map screen in Desert Strike on the Mega Drive. The classic up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, ‘B’,‘A’ and Start for any Konami games we played. We found hidden areas and invisible picks ups for extra lives and ‘continues’ in Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll on the NES. We learnt to jump over red shells whilst battling in Mario Kart. We saw the ads – where “Sega does what Nintendon’t” or how we could be “playing with real power”.

We got older, but there was still a lump in our throat when we left Saria in Kokiri Woods. We chilled out with friends and drinks, discussing strategies even as we competed to get gold first on a Crash Junction in Burnout. Multiplayer Perfect Dark on the N64 was comic chaos, causing destruction with ‘proximity pinball’ grenades, laptop sentry guns and sniping through walls using the Farsight. We downloaded Run DMC tunes because of SSX Tricky and picked up the first Kings of Leon album, and saw them live, because of Tiger Woods.
Older still and we have commitments. We saved Megaton and failed to rid the election in the Republic of Dave at 4 in the morning with the wife asleep, head on our lap. We took a day off work to play BioShock on release because a “man chooses…” and felt the loneliness of driving along the coast on Highway 17 in search of a friend.        
We grew up with great consoles and games that provided unforgettable experiences. We think those are worth sharing with you. We are dedicated to finding and restoring old games, consoles & accessories for future generations to enjoy.  
You might want to reconstruct your childhood collection and revisit the games that defined it. You might want the old classics that you heard about, saw the screenshots in Mean Machines, but never got to play. You could be younger than us and digging into a past you never had to find the sources for the games you love today.

No matter the reason, we’re sure there is something here for you.

Should you have any queries or questions about us or Gaming in general then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks again for all your support; we couldn't do it without you!!!